What does Yacht Concierge mean?

22 August 2023

A yacht concierge refers to a service or person who assists and caters to the needs of individuals on a yacht vacation. They provide personalized assistance, handle reservations, coordinate activities, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the passengers.

Concierge in Yachting industry it is pretty straight forward. Based on our experience and local knowledge from sailing more than 17 years in many destinations, we can help building the best experience for you.

Based on your expectations from the coming sailing week, we can advise you on:
– a destination/country to visit,
– what route to choose,
– what yacht will best fit your needs
– most important on your itinerary:
– what to see and what to visit,
– in what ports to dock and at what time,
– which bays to anchor for swim stops or over night,
– restaurant bookings,
– where to eat and what to order at each restaurant,
– transfers to and from the airport or to restaurants.

Why choose WeAreYachting.com concierge service?

In any sailing area you can spend 3-4 weeks and not repeat a swim stop or a port or a bay to spend the night at anchor. We as Yacht Concierge will work with you and build the itinerary so it will meet your expectations of the week.

Our skipper team also have good local knowledge and can help building the itinerary, playing an important role in the concierge package. For a relaxed vacation and if you do not have good skippering experience, or if the booked yacht is a little to big, we recommend sailing with a local experienced skipper. The local skipper will know many hidden swim spots, will find better anchor or docking spots and together with the concierge team from the office can even help with restaurant bookings etc.

Yacht concierge will go as far as even recommend you what food to order in each restaurant/tavern that you go for dinner. That’s how good we know all the spots in the best sailing areas. Although in the Med in many places is hard to eat bad food, why not try directly the best every village/port has to offer?