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Party Sails original flotilla

We have the perfect plan for your summer holiday! 7 days of sailing, partying, and exploring new places. This is an adult-only flotilla.

Discover the ultimate party experience on the high seas with our Party Sails Original Flotilla! 

Picture yourself and your closest friends surrounded by the sparkling waters of stunning destinations, with a fleet of yachts, all ready to celebrate in style. 


Here’s why our Party Sails Original Flotilla is the perfect choice for your next unforgettable celebration:

  • Party in style and create memories that will last a lifetime as you and your party crew embark on a thrilling sailing adventure together.
  • Explore idyllic islands, hidden coves, and picturesque coastal towns. Our expertly curated itineraries ensure you’ll discover the most stunning spots, allowing you to party in paradise and explore new horizons simultaneously.
  • Sailing in a flotilla means that you don’t have to worry about sailing details — You can focus on having fun while we take care of the rest.
  • There will be 2 thematic parties: the glamorous white party and one specific to each flotilla (check each flotilla’s details). You have to bring your good vibes and pack your costumes.
  • Safety is our top priority. Our experienced crew members are always on hand to ensure your safety and the smooth sailing of your vacation. 


Your floating party venue awaits! Book your yacht today and get ready to become a part of our Party Sails survivors family!