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Saronik route, departure from Athens

Athens is a great metropolis with over 3.000.000 inhabitants and it is the main port for sailing in Greece. You can choose 2 routes from here, the Saronik arhipelago or heading to Cyclades.
Having many direct flights and over 1200 yachts to choose from, Athens is the most convenient place in Greece to start your sailing vacation.

The Saronik area includes more than 10 beautiful islands. We will help you build the itinerary based on your expectations for the week (more sailing, more ports and villages to visit, more spots for swim all day etc). You can spend even 4 weeks sailing in this area and stop in a different port or bay in every day. So this is why is important to know what your expectations are, so we can add to your itinerary the best places for your trip.

Aegina is one of the closest islands to Athens and has over 14.000 inhabitants. The main port is very busy, as a small town with many restaurants and shops. But the island has many remote places for you to anchor or even smaller ports with fisherman taverns. It is a great stop either for the first day or the last day sailing in this area, as it is only approx 2.5h sailing from Athens ports.

Agistri is a smaller inhabited island with more than 5 beautiful bays to spend either the day swimming or even the night at anchor, depending on the weather conditions.

Moni is a natural reserve island and if you anchor here for overnight stay, you will see some wild life on the beach 🙂 you will hear the mating sounds from pheasants or even see deers scavenging for food.

Poros is a must stop over for any route type. It is very well protected and has a large port so most of the time is also ok to get in late (as 16.00) and you will still find a spot. In high season it also gets pretty busy though. There are also many spots to anchor and spend the night in a very protected area. There are many taverns to choose from for dinner, but we do have some very good recommendations for you.

Hydra is the highlight of the route, and no matter which type of sailing week do you prefer, if you have not visited Hydra yet, we strongly suggest you do that. It has a very small old harbor and it is pretty difficult to catch a spot. You can either go really early, like 8-9 am and wait for someone to leave and get the spot, or get in later and raft up in the second or 3rd line of yachts. Or you can just go in the nearby bay and anchor. About 15 mins walk into town or 5 mins ride with water taxi (about 50 euro return fee for 8 people).
The island is so picturesque that you wish you can stay at least 2 days here, or return as soon as possible. There are no cars or scooters on the island, transportation is done by mules and donkeys. you can only hear the sound of the people in the harbor or the birds trying to get some fish from the fisherman boats. There are great restaurants here, both traditional taverns and upscale restaurants with incredible views. There is also a 4 seasons hotel and one restaurant that was voted in a bbc program the second best view restaurant in the world.

Spetses is another gem in the area. Athenians have many vacations here and the restaurants provide lots of reinvented traditional greek foods. It is also a must visit place on any itinerary you might choose. A chariot ride on the beach promenade from the old port to the new port is a nice touch to a romantic evening.
Around Spetses there are many bays where you can spend the day swimming, exploring a submersed temple or spending a few hours at a beach bar.

Dhokos is a non inhabited island and provides good shelter for overnight anchoring. One particular bay is full of plankton so a night swim here is a must 🙂

Remeber that each day there will be day stops for swimming as the area has multiple beautiful spots with pristine turquoise waters. So drop us an email so we can work together on the week’s itinerary when you book your boat. We will also advice you on the boat type and size that will be best for your expectations and budget.

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