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North Ionian route, departure from Lefkas/Preveza

The Ionian archipelago is pretty large and you need 2 weeks sailing to visit it all. The north area of the archipelago is a little smaller and less protected. The prevailing winds from North West bring in significant swell in the area so you need to choose well the time to go north.

At about 27 miles from Lefkada you will find 2 lovely islands, Paxos and Anti Paxos. Calm waters on the east side and big cliffs and caves on the west side. Many natural bays to anchor overnight and a nice port in Paxos village.

If you have enogh time, a short visit to Corfu town and Gouvia marina is nice. Many natural bays on the east side to anchor also if needed. It is uite a big town so if you are looking for more relaxing time, then the port can be skipped 🙂

On the continent side there are several villages that have the island vibe and a stop over is pretty nice. In Sivota you will also find 3 small islands and many places to anchor if you want to run away from the small busy port.
In Parga the port is very small and pretty open, you need a uiet night to go and anchor around here. The village is super colorful and there are many nice restaurants. Also there is a nice cave north of Parga that it is worth visiting if weather permit.

Antipaxos anchorage

Catamarans docked in Paxos Port

Mom taking care of kid on the dock in Paxos

People waving on paxos dock

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