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Menorca route, around the island

Menorca is the hidden gem of the famous Balearic Islands. Sailing in Menorca is a fantastic way to explore the stunning coastline of this beautiful island. Menorca is known for its crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and unspoiled natural beauty, making it a paradise for sailors.

The island is also home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, making it an ideal destination for those who love sun, sea, and sand.
Some of the best beaches to visit include Cala sa Mesquida, Cala Binidali, Cala Rambles, Cala en Porter, Cala es Canutells, Cala Macarella, Cala Mitjana, and Cala Pregonda. These beaches are known for their turquoise waters, white sand, and stunning scenery.

There are many hidden spots are only accessible by boat, and they offer a peaceful escape from the crowds.
Sailing around the island will offer you incredible views over the famous lighthouses of the island: Far d’Artrutx, Far de Punta Nati, Far de Cavaleria or Far de l’Illa de l’Aire on the small island with the same name on the south of Menorca.

Besides many natural bays that are perfect swim stops or overnight stops, there are also a few ports that have very good shelter. The two main towns on the island, Mahon and Ciutadella are the main ports of the island. And once you stop here over night, you need a little time to visit them, knowing also that Ciutadella is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another highlight of sailing in Menorca is the chance to discover the island’s rich history and culture. Menorca has a long and fascinating history, and it is home to many ancient ruins and historic sites. Some of the most popular sites to visit include the Talayotic settlements of Torre d’en Galmés and Son Catlar.

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