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Dubrovnik route, departure from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is probably the best kept medieval city. A visit to this town should take minimum 3 days. So if you planned sailing out of Dubrovnik, you should also plan a few more days to stay and feel the town’s vibe.

There are only few marinas near Dubrovnik and probably around 100 yachts. Once embarked, you can go north towards the small islands of Kolocep and Lopud. There are a few bays where you can stop for swim or even anchor overnight, as they are well protected. Don’t forget to stop by the blue caves also, on Kolocep.

Further north are the islands of Sipan and Jakljan with a few natural bays that are well protected and can offer a good anchoring spot for overnight. Just a cillage on Sipan can also offer you some restaurants though.

If you sailed in this direction, you can go to Mljet island as it hold a beautiful natural park with pristine turquoise waters and even a port in the village of Pomena.

Head south and you can also stop on the continent in Molunat. It is very well protected and you can find lots of restaurants in the village.
Further south and you reach Montenegro. If you want to visit Montenegro, you need to stop to do the custom papers to enter the country. It is a process that can take a few hours.. and we hope it will speed up in time. Once you enter Montenegro, you have several choices of what to do. Check Montenegro route page – link – for more details.

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